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Production Hawaii has been producing trade shows and special events since 1977
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Pantone Color Equivalents
For the convenience of our customers, we have provided this chart to help match your organization's colors with the fabrics commonly ordered with our displays. Every means has been taken to match each fabric color to its pantone color equivalent. However, please keep in mind that, because available materials and dye lots vary, the match may not always be an exact one.
FrontRunner¨ Fabric Pantone Equivalent
Amazon 327U
Apollo 115U
Arctic Shadow 428U
Atlantic 5435U with Pink highlights
Bermuda 2935U
Blaze 187C
Blueberry 3005U
Bordeaux 229U
Brazil 437C
Broadway 222C
Cloud 428C
Cornflower 2935U
Emerald 3435C
Everglade 555U
Galaxy 5265C
Ghost Gun Warm Gray 3U
Imperial 2747C
Koala 417U
Malibu 468U
Niagara 652C
Panama 282C
Regency 195C
Royal Red 187C
Savannah 322C
Shamrock 3025C
Silver 429C
Valencia Warm Red
Windsor 2728C


Showtime¨ Fabric Pantone Equivalent
Aqua Mist 558C
Armor Gray 5507C
Azalea 221C
Baltic 2965C
Blueberry 2945C
Blush 5245U
Burgundy 195C
Caribbean 549C
Chocolate 4975C
Dark Aquamarine 329C
Grape 533C
Jungle Green 3425C
Malibu 3292C
Medium Birch 406U
Mediterranean Blue 661C
Midnight Blue 2768C
Mint 5493U
Nocturne 5295U
Plum 5255C
Purple Rose 5215U
Raspberry 187C
Rouge 186C
Royal Blue 287C
Silver 428U
Silver Lilac 5285U
Slate Cool Gray 10
Sunny 109C
Teal 322C


To order your exhibit display or for more information regarding color availability please call Darla (808) 832-0516 or email [email protected]